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Register to receive the Mariner Company Coaching Tips, a monthly E-zine. On the lower left-hand side of this web page, it is easy to assure that you will receive the Coaching Tips. You can become more focused as we continually develop tips to serve as a guide to your success. Our goal is to identify and offer proactive choices for the challenges that entrepreneurs and small business owners face. Additionally, Coaching Tips are strategies that will help you:

  • Overcome common problems in marketing your business.
  • Tackle issues and become proactive in your activities.
  • Consider new or different ways to think about your business.
  • Create value for your clients without necessarily adding new services.
  • Focus your energy and resources for success.

Coaching Tip Sample

Imagine a Great Vision!

Be certain that you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve. A vision can be a beacon that is clear to you once you see it. Write a vision statement for your business. Make certain that it is so clear to you that it can guide your actions and orient your priorities.

Filter your projects and ideas by the clarity of your vision. Seek new ideas and abundant resources by keeping an eye on your vision. Avoid these common pitfalls: sidetracked, bad planning, lack of direction, and small-picture focus.

Coaching Tip Article

Mind Your Notes and Calls

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