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August 19, 2002 - 7:59 AM
Written by: Carol Naff, Life Coach - Posted by: 9NEWS Business Reporter Gregg Moss

Conduct your job search by identifying where you want to work. Only five per cent of all jobs filled are done so as a result of want ads in the newspaper. It is up to you to hunt for the hidden treasure and find the unlisted positions that make up the other 95 per cent of the jobs filled.

You’ve established what you love to do and what you do best. You’ve gotten past the idea of rejection to get to the ‘yes.’ The next step is to identify businesses where you want to work to get paid for doing what you want to do. Imagine a workplace where everyone chooses to bring energy, passion, and a positive attitude to the job every day. Also, imagine an environment in which people are truly connected to their work, their colleagues, and their customers. Would you rather work in a corporate or casual environment? Big or small company? Start up or well established company? Next you may want to learn about flexibility, location, recognition, and freedom.

Search the Internet and the library for facts and information. Use your network to learn about businesses. Make a list of businesses that do the type of work you want to do. Then, make a list of everyone you know. Start meeting with people in your network and ask them to introduce you to someone who works for a company that interests you. Another good resource might be to call the company and talk with the person who answers the telephone.

I’m thinking of a client who felt a strong need to work in a field where she could help people. Angie’s work as a financial planner did not satisfy that need even though she helped people plan their finances. In addition, she volunteered helping people but she wanted her career to reflect what she loved. Her needs were more philanthropic. She made a decision to change careers. Through coaching, she was able to become very clear and focused, making her search more productive. Using her networking contacts, she met with many nonprofit organizations and foundations, learning about their missions and the nonprofit world as a whole. She narrowed down her choices of companies and identified positions that involved helping people in a way that she enjoyed. She landed a paid internship with a foundation, which became a full-time position after six months. She successfully changed careers and feels much happier in her work.

Once you’ve identified the company where you want to work, continue using your network to meet the right person in the company who can offer you a position. Perhaps there isn’t an opening right now. Something may open up later. Or the company may create a new position for you. You don’t know until you try. Since you’ve established a relationship with the company, they’ll think of you first when hiring.

Your hunt for the hidden treasure could result in working where you feel energy and passion. What corporation or business would be the perfect place for you to work?

Carol Naff is a Professional Life Coach. For more information, call 303.337.4394 or email her at

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