Marketing with Pizzazz for Artists Seminar

Get Clients You Really Want with Focused Marketing Strategies
How to Find Your Place in the Market and Get Paid for your Creative Achievements

You know that you're a great artist, so why not let others know it as well? TACtile Textile Arts Center presents a workshop for artists who want to learn the fundamentals of marketing their businesses and getting results. Marketing Coach Carol Naff will teach you how to identify the best low-cost marketing solutions for your business, avoiding dead ends and pitfalls that waste your time and energy, and the basics of creating and implementing a successful marketing plan that gets results!

Topics covered include:

  1. Find your keys to marketing
  2. See the big picture of how to grow your business
  3. Develop your marketing hook
  4. Find your target market
  5. How to identify your best proactive strategies
  6. Learn how to have a web presence with or without a website
  7. Integrate business social media into your marketing plan
  8. Implement a value-based enewsletter to drive traffic to you and your website (Dell and Target use these ideas)
  9. Learn how to tap public relations to get in the press
  10. Learn how to become known as an expert

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You will feel empowered once you know the correct strategies to grow your business!

From class participants:

"Thank you, Carol! Your class was invaluable to me. It really helped me understand how much is involved in, successfully, turning a hobby into a business and it gave me some great tools for making it happen. I also really enjoyed all of the interaction by the participants. What a great group! Hope I see you at TACtile."

Tish Gallagher

"I really enjoyed the marketing class for artists. Your information on press releases in particular was very valuable. It never would have occurred to me to write a release about myself. You have given me lots to think about. Thanks again, Carol, for the wonderful class."

Carmen Kwolkoski, Montana Girl

This marketing seminar is also available for business owners, sales professionals, and authors.


The Referral Project Seminar

"One of the best seminars I've seen in quite a while."

Andy O'Bryan

Build Your Referral-Based Business and Bring in Clients for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Consultants, and Creatives

The Referral Project

Explode Your Referral-Based Business and Bring in Clients

What about you?

  • Are you still struggling with cold calling?
  • Are you using costly marketing strategies that don't work?
  • Are you still trying to mine the old ways of doing business?
  • Are you leaving massive amounts of money on the table?

Marketing Coach Carol Naff presents easy, low-cost, no-cost strategies to bring in referrals. You'll learn the essential elements to building a business that:

  • Needs very little marketing investment
  • Generates grass-roots word-of-mouth buzz
  • Brings clients to you instead of you going to them
  • Establishes you as the expert that you are
  • Produces a longer, steadier, and more secure growth model

That's right. You'll learn how to have a business powered by referrals with little or no marketing costs. It's no wonder that this is quickly becoming the strategy of choice for the savvy, elite marketers worldwide.

"In terms of a business boost, I can't praise Carol Naff highly enough. As a business coach myself, I struggled for years with establishing my practice. Working with Carol as my coach in 2004, my business rapidly started to climb. This year, despite the recession, I am on target to earn $70,000, with only 10 clients! That equates to about 40 working hours a month. With Carol's help, I fine-tuned my marketing skills and built my referral engine. The results - I haven't marketed for several years. Clients seemingly fall into my lap by referral. Thank you, Carol!!!!"

Melinda Condray, Executive Coach,
Baltimore, September 2011

More than 93% of our job search-coaching clients who implemented these strategies substantially increased their options with more interviews and job offers and found their perfect positions.

Recently, Carol presented workshops at the Professional Development Seminar sponsored by the National Television Academy, Heartland Chapter. One participant wrote, "Your presentation at the National Television Academy Professional Development Seminar was terrific. You gave the audience some real tools, not just theory."

When it was presented at the Business and Professional Women's Network, participants wrote:

"Carol was a great speaker!"

"The level of interactivity Carol incorporated in her presentation spoke directly to the men and women in the group and initiated responses such as: "Thanks to Carol, I now have a simple marketing plan that is easy to execute." and "Carol's down-to-earth style and delivery involved everyone in the audience and made marketing understandable and easy to implement."

Justine Lopez,
Cherry Creek BPW

"I've been privileged to watch and listen to Carol 'In Action' several times. Her platform skills are not only outstanding, but captivating as she gets her audience involved every step of the way."

Joe Sabah, Founder,
Colorado Speakers Association

"Thank you for a well-done program."

Additional audiences: ABWA (American Business Women's Association), Cherry Creek and DTC Business and Professional Women's Networks, Cherry Creek Chamber Business Success Series, Colorado Association of Professional Organizers, Denver Metro Chamber, Highlands Ranch Chamber Women's Group, NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners), Resident Realtors, University of Denver, and University of Colorado Law Library.


Secrets to Selling Yourself,
    Finding the Perfect Position Program

We also help people who are out of work and struggling to get hired, polish their resumes, sharpen their interview skills, and stand out from the crowd so they can get hired fast and keep their missed pay checks to a minimum.

Make Your Job Search more productive. More than 75 percent of the available jobs are never advertised. Learn how to tap into the hidden job market to find the perfect job or career:

  1. Identify what you want
  2. Find your best strategies
  3. Uncover hidden opportunities
  4. Stand out from the crowd
  5. Get the offer

"After an extended job search for a position and usually coming in second, I finally called Carol Naff. In just four months, she taught me how to sell myself, polish my print collateral, learn to effectively network, and develop appropriate follow up techniques. There is nothing like learning to network from the 'networking guru' herself."

Diane Davis

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Read articles on job-hunting by Carol Naff at the About page.

  • Clarify your goals and strengths
  • Sell yourself
  • Transform your job search
  • Achieve focus and confidence
  • Implement proven and effective tools, concepts, and strategies

You'll discover what you require in order to find your next position and what's standing in your way. This experience is targeted to your exact needs.

You'll identify and break through roadblocks and resistance and get on the fast track.

If you're looking for a job, you don't have time to make costly mistakes. You need an edge.

            Consistent application of new skills
            and strategies
         + accountability and support

         =  SUCCESS

It's no surprise! It's difficult to accomplish something big without accountability to someone. And you need the tools, support, and guidance to really come in first. This program includes:

  • A program paced in a way that allows you to absorb the information and implement it for immediate results.
  • Coaching, support, guidance, and course correction from me with tools and information from my success process.
  • Comprehensive exercises for each step of the process complete with in-depth information such as checklists, goal-planning forms, time management planning tools, and assignments to deepen your learning and keep you in action.
  • A plan of your design for attaining your big goal and creating YOUR best strategies.
  • The attention, accountability, and coaching from Marketing Coach Carol Naff


Write It Down or Kiss It Good-bye Program

Finally the secrets are revealed! These are amazing ideas for getting what you want and how to write goals. This seminar is downloadable for listening at your convenience. It is designed to teach you how to identify a vision and set goals and challenge you to write goals and take action to reach them.

At the completion of this presentation, you will:

  • Understand the power of setting goals and identify how to know when they are successful.
  • Learn the difference between wishes and goals.
  • Identify proactive goals.
  • Eliminate the dangers that prevent them from achieving goals.

You may request to download an audio recording of "Write It Down or Kiss It Good-bye: The Power of Goals" teleclass for only $47. Then schedule individual coaching time.

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